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Systems Engineering

  • Technical Schedule and Schedule Risk Assessments 

  • Systems Requirements Including Design and Documentation 

  • Human Systems Integration

  • Technical Performance Measures and Metrics

  • Configuration and Change Management 

  • DODAF Architecture Product Development and Staffing

  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Assessment and Reporting 

test and eval image

Test and Evaluation

  • Joint Distributed Test Planning, Execution, Analysis, and Reporting 

  • Secure Defense, Research, and Engineering Network (SDREN) Integration and Use

  • Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) Development and Staffing

  • Detailed Test Plan Development and Staffing

  • Data Management and Analysis Plan Development and Staffing

  • Final Test Report and Briefing Development and Staffing 

Program and Financial Management

  • Cost, Schedule, and Performance Risk Identification, Reporting, and Mitigation 

  • Integrated Master Schedule Development and Maintenance 

  • Life Cycle Cost Estimates 

  • Program Management Reviews and Integrated Product Team Support

  • Earned Value Management Analysis 

Modeling and Simulation

  • Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (DoD 5000.61)

  • M&S Requirements and Performance Metrics Development 

  • Architecture Development and Integration

  • M&S Tool Configuration and Operation Support

  • Sensors and Tactical Data Link M&S Subject Matter Expertise 

  • Scenario Development and Accreditation 

Field and Deployment Support

  • Test, Experimentation, Demonstration, and Assessment Support

  • Logistics Planning and Execution Including Movement, Embark, and Retrograde 

  • Classified Material Management Including Packaging, Shipping, and Receiving 

  • Secure/Classified Field Analysis Centers 

  • Classified Data Management Networks 

  • Test Site Physical Security 

  • Visitor Access and Control

  • Government Furnished Equipment Management and Reporting 

  • New Equipment Training and Fielding

Medical Professionals

  • Administrative Staffing

  • Clinical Research Staffing

  • Nurse Staffing

  • Physician Staffing  

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